WNS CEO: Thabiso 'Afurakan' Mohare

WNS CEO: Thabiso ‘Afurakan’ Mohare

Fellow Azanians

Today is a new day. Today, we turn a new leaf. Today, we let go of everything we know and we start afresh. Today, we accept love. Today we make love the most important law in the land.

Without love we cannot move forward! Without love we cannot respect each other! Without love we cannot build together! Without love we are nothing!

So fellow South Africans

Today, we turn a new page. Today, love becomes the currency. Today, love is the fiber of every single person living in this country. Black or White! Male or Female! Young or Old!

Let us practice love! Let us learn love! Let us use love! Let us give love! Let us show love! Let us be love!

For without love there is no democracy

Thank You.

  • The State Of The Nation according to WNS CEO: Thabiso ‘Afurakan’ Mohare.

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