Talking Doorsteps: Lucas Serei


What was the highlight of your Talking Doorsteps experience and working with Deanna Rodger and Pippa Riddick?
Deanna and Pippa are such amazing people, I wish they didn’t have to leave SA. The highlight will have to be Deanna’s meditations and voice exercises because it’s something I’ve always needed help with. Ooohh and the fun times of playing ‘invisible objects’. Pippa listening in to my conversation with Apiwe and giving me a word of advice of my poem.

What was your biggest challenge with the project? 
Well the biggest challenge was having to write a poem in a day and rehearsing in a space of a day and having to record it, because I am used to taking time with the quality of my work and rehearsing a lot of time before I am comfortable with performing it in front of everyone.

Tell us a bit about the poem you wrote for the Talking Doorsteps videos?
The poem is based on how at times our parents argue. The only concept I could think of was how my parents will argue and the extent to it affected me once upon a time when I was growing up. I named it ‘Debris of a broken home’.

What are your favourite 4 – 6 lines from your poem?
“His father’s words tend to arrive late for their meeting
with her mother’s reasoning.
His mother’s heart is a heated kitchen.
And tonight she’s cooking an emotional storm.
And anger is her seasoning”


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