Talking Doorsteps: Xabiso Vili


Xabiso Vili shares the highlights of his Talking Doorsteps experience

What was the highlight of your Talking Doorsteps experience and working with Deanna Rodger and Pippa Riddick?
The interaction and the bringing together of all the artists involved was absolutely mind blowing. To discover so many people’s views on the arts and the direction it should be taking was humbling and uplifting, to know that there are so many of us with a concentrated energy aimed towards the upliftment of these arts and the people involved with them

What was your biggest challenge with the project?
Though the performance aspect of poetry opens me up to an entire audience, the poetry writing process has always been a deeply personal one. The topic of home is even more personal. So to go into the space and carve out this rather painful piece in the presence of, albeit supportive, other people and constantly being critiqued was quite the difficult experience – but having said that, I do believe I have learnt so much from it.

Tell us a bit about the poem you wrote for the Talking Doorsteps videos?
Mine was an exploration of homes I have destroyed and the marks those homes have left on me. Taken from experiences I have had with fire. It’s deeply personal but also hoping that it resonates with the audience

What are your favourite 4 – 6 lines from your poem?
“Home is not a place
that becomes us.
Home is a place we become.
Only familiar when we leave imprinted marks.
Marks imprinted on us.

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