POETS IN OFFICE …Not your ordinary session

Over the past 2 years we have turned the last Sunday of every month into an Oasis of some sort – a time zone, a moment stretched to infinity…

Poets In Office is a rare name for a poetry session; you’d imagine a private show
where poets convene in the office, after hours to share the joys and
pains of being a nine-to-fiver poet.

It sounds like a writer’s anonymous session where Jim stands himself up, hesitant in his immaculate suit
and says, “Hi, I’m Jim and I have a writing condition that interferes with my progress at work”,
and all poets respond in unison, “Hi Jim.”

This show is far from that though. The show seeks to cater mainly for artists that have to keep up with 9-to-5 jobs, to help with their growth, progression and artistic endeavors, seeing that many artists with potential end up giving up on their art after they enter the corporate world.

We saw an opportunity to actually turn that whole situation around and provide a platform or space that would enhance and develop their artistic interests.

Since July 2013, the Formula Bar in Klipspruit, Soweto has been the breathing space for Poets In Office’s monthly installments.

Besides having certain acts headlining, we also have an open mic, which is an opportunity for absolutely anyone with anything to share, to do so. Apart from Poets, as the name of the show would suggest, we also invite dancers, fine artists, singers, rappers, bands and comedians to be part of our experience.

The bar itself is very intimate and gives an almost face-to-face interaction with the audience, giving you an experience that other venues would not necessarily provide easily.

Over the past 2 years we have turned the last Sunday of every month into an Oasis of some sort, a time zone, a moment stretched to infinity, and this month is no different. We will be introducing a few additions to the show, in the way of a food market, complementary wine and snacks, as well as a charge fee.

Catch Afurakan at the next Poets In Office installation

3rd May
The Formula Bar
Klipspruit, Soweto


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