#LettersFromAzania: An open call to SA’s literary community


We kick start the month of May with the reminder that it was on the 25th of this month, in the year 1963 that the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), was founded, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As we hurtle toward the 52nd celebration of Africa Day on Monday 25th May 2015 we reflect on the work of the 30 leaders of the then 32 independent African States who signed the founding charter of the OAU and the wheels this body set in motion.

In light of this momentous upcoming celebration, The Word N Sound Live Literature Company calls on all writers in our country to take a look back at our more recent past and reflect on the spate of xenophobic violence that gripped our nation in 2008 and again in April of 2015.

#LettersFromAzania is an open call to the literary community of South Africa to contemplate and write on these events in an attempt to make sense of the scourge of black on black violence brutally meted out against fellow Africans seeking refuge in South Africa from dire and oppressive political and economic situations in their own home countries.

If you feel strongly about saying something to our fellow Africans, countrymen and the world about these atrocious acts, we implore all writers to use their skills to write and publish letters, poems and essays using the hashtag #LettersFromAzania

Word N Sound will be making our platforms available to publish any material submitted to us for this cause.

Submissions can be submitted to us via inbox on our Facebook page or in the comments section for this article. Alternatively submissions can also be e-mailed to our Head of Content and Multimedia on ayob@wordnsound.com.

Submissions are open immediately and will stay open indefinitely.


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