EVENT: #PoetryLeague Season 5 | Episode 5


The five natural elements as represented by our 4 showcase acts plus the ether that holds every show together, in the form of our Poetry League slam, converge for the 5th time to bring you the 5th episode of the 5th season of your favourite youth poetry slam platform.

Introducing ETHER – the oxygen that breathes life to every show. The air will be heating up a little though, as the Poetry League pits Jozi’s hottest poets against each other for the 5th time this season.

Not to be undone, Khulage – the man you’ve come to know and love as BLACK 2SDAY’s leading man, will be looking to spit FIRE on his return to the Word N Sound Stage, for the first time, as a solo act.

Khadija Heeger – whose words always seem to be able to take on the shape of whatever your heart needs to hear, the way WATER assumes the shape of whatever container it is poured in, provides a healing hand. Her unapologetic and moving style writing has made her one of SA’s most sort after.

Mutle Mothibe – shows us that “one does not need a weather man to know which way the WIND blows”. His mind blowing performances thrill crowds with a silent magic and mystical wonder that always seems to find home in the spaces between the atoms in his words.

Bafentse Ntlokoa – whose heart opens like the EARTH during a quake every time she gets on stage, will move you with her honest and heart-tugging performances that always leave you wanting more.

Save the date, invite a friend, then come and experience the magic of the Word N Sound Poetry

Remember to relive the magic of the Poetry League by watching highlights from our previous show, go to wordnsoun.com

Doors open at 12 and seats fill up quickly, so come early to avoid disappointment.

The official WnS Poetry League signup list goes out at 9am and only the names on that list will be eligible to compete.

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