Fearless Joburg slam poets wanted!

We’ve been working with Bozza Mobile for a while now and we just love what they do. So when we saw this call for ‘fearless Joburg slam poet’ we thought: “Hang on, we know a few of those…”

So here’s all the info, don’t say we didn’t tell you.


Bozza & Hellraizaa brings you OPEN vs LETTERS (Battle of the Poets). Do you have what it takes to take your poetry to another level? Prepare a 1 min slam piece and be the snipper who took out a country with ONE POEM on camera.

Email your contact details, enquiries and your preferred time slot to Raymondngomane@gmail.com
Venue and time will be sent via Email.
Time: 10h00 am – 14h00 pm
Date: 30 May 2015 (Saturday)
If you cannot make it, send us a video link that you trust will represent your skills.

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