#Metropolar: Johustleburg…captured in song, poetry, film & art

Date: 13 June 2015
Time: 2:30 pm
Venue: The Market Theatre Lab
Bus Factory, 3 Helen Joseph Str (formally President Str), Newtown
Entrance: R60

This year marks the first national tour of the gripping, multi-layered art show Metropolar.

Metropolar sprung into the minds of poet, Modise Sekgothe and visual artist, Jotam Schoeman, after the pair encountered both the shocking realities and surprising joys of living in the contrasting inner city. These are the polarities which many metropolises around the world share.

“The city sings in sirens
Accompanied by screams
The symphonies of violence
A music made by thieves
They’ve taken my appliance
In defiance of my pleas”

The duo has combined Sekgothe’s five part, verse-narrative poem and Schoeman’s music into an organic piece using their voices, technology and instruments.

The backdrop for the performance is constructed from sketches used in Schoeman’s successful exhibition “Bedoelende Stad Studies: Johannesburg 01”.

The elements of poetry, music and film take the audience onto the city’s pavements, into its taxis, and give them a glimpse into the dangerous night life of Johannesburg.

​“A river runs beside us
Disguised as a street
For the road is a frozen Nile
That spans a thousand streams
Where the ferry boat is a taxi
And the ferry-man is obscene”

In Johannesburg 01, Schoeman investigated the city and through an illustrated documentary, weaved together moments and monuments observed in the metropolis.

The progress of Schoeman’s sketches was photographically documented and the images collected through the progress were compiled as a stop motion animation film.

Sekgothe used this as a base to launch a story of how lives are juxtaposed in the city and how history subconsciously rears its head.

The hour-long collaborative project was launched at Arts on Main’s Rubixcube gallery in September last year and has since enjoyed a run at Pretoria’s Attebury Theatre during the 2014 Atterbury Film Festival.


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