WATCH: Interview with Croc E Moses at the launch of Driftword

It’s not often you hear the word ‘encore’ at a book launch. In the picturesque and intimate setting of Love Books in Melville and surrounded by friends, fans and books, and coloured by melodies coming from Croc E Moses‘ guitar, the evening was a perfect end to anyone’s long day. When words and sounds meet, the only thing that can happen, really, is nothing short of magic.

Croc E Moses‘ latest offering is part of Unisa Press’ Flame Series, a collection of work which aims at crossing boundaries, the culmination of a conversation and journey that began four years ago.

We sat down with Croc E at the launch to find out a little more about the anthology, Driftword.

KG: Please introduce yourself.

KG: Why did you decide to release both an anthology and a CD?

KG: You are from a spoken word background. Tell us how was it taking your poetry from the stage to the page?

KG: Please share with us two pieces from the book.

KG: You’ve published four bodies of work as a self-publisher. What was it like working with a publisher this time around?

KG: What do you say to those who say poetry doesn’t sell?

For those of you who will be attending the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown next month, be sure you make a young detour past Croc E Moses from 2 – 6 July.

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