There are shadows marching amongst us.  Their tongues siphoning our spirits’ light while their feet stomp the ground to crack beneath our dreams.  Cemented paths, the shoes worn by their feet that soil the shrines built to Gods, messengers that write reminders cloaked in flowing dreams from the God within.

Shadows concocting in institutional labs, wiped clean of our fingerprints and the dust of our past lives, new spells to deafen us to the murmurs of our true selves.

Histories have been taught to speak of us black people in ways that buckle our knees before monsters that escaped from our hands to terrorize our worlds of creation.  Now we stand enslaved by our doubts, fears and failures walking the scorching earth with nightmares playing on repeat in our dulled eyes.  The skies we coloured with our spirits now weigh heavy in our lives as limits.

Winged beings point the way paved with failures and heartaches to come; crumbling houses once raised in celebration of friendships and comforts.  They point to homes built out of fire and some with water with being sitting in stillness in their hearts waiting for us.

We are summoned to our depths where death and life sing lullabies to the unborn whilst holding hands.  In the hearts of their homes lie clues to our imperfections and lost notes that make them dance; dance into silhouettes of that which resides within us far from our temples of understanding.

The days of listening to shadows that have us crawling, begging to be that which we are, are gone.  Let not our creations wearing our comforts as a mask lure us into dungeons of non-creation and dependencies.  Enough flesh has been gnawed to bones by waiting.

Dream!  Create!  Fail!  Dream!  Create!  Fail!

Fear not failure.

RantolokoRantoloko Molokoane is a writer and performer from the unknown township of Tumahole in the Free State.  He writes narrative texts, dramatic texts and poetic texts. He is the author of ‘Read, Write Dreams Into Life’. He has performed alongside some of the greatest poets like Lebo Mashile, Afurakan, Philippa Yaa de Villiers, Saddi Khali,  Mak Manaka,  Myesha Jenkins, Natalia Molebatsi, Dona Smith, Ewok Robinson, Romeo the poet, Kgafela oa Magogodi, A.E. Ballakisten, Mutle Mothibe, Nova Masango, Inaudible poetry, Flo Mokale, and Quaz Roodt. His writing is driven by the rich spiritual heritage of Afrika and the immense creativity that lies in the depth of its heritage.  A strong believer in the quest to findings ways of celebrating Afrikan indigenous knowledge systems so as to once again instill pride in the Afrikan, especially the one battling with a township reality that instills despair in the minds of the Afrikan.

For more by Rantoloko Molokoane: Blog: https://trancesender.wordpress.com/ Twitter: @rantolokowriter Facebook : Rantoloko ‘The Truth’ Molokoane Youtube: Rantoloko


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