“I’m bringing magic” – Thobani Mntambo


How does it feel to have made it to the 2015 Poetry League finale?
Surreal. That is a word that sums the whole feeling up. An anxious excitement of sorts. Scared but anticipating the actual finale. Yes, surreal is the word.

How would you describe your experience on the Word N Sound stage this year?
Constant growth. I’ve grown as an artists and as a person. I continued learning and a growing appreciation for what we do as poets. Not forgetting the intimidating and scary nature of the Word N Sound stage.

What has been your highlight of the year?
Making it to the league finale.

What do you think of your competitors? Who is your biggest threat?
I am star struck half the time. Southern Comfort has to be my biggest threat, he pays attention to a lot of detail and is very particular about how he writes.

What is your message to the rest of the Top 5?
I intend on bringing some type of magic to share in with people. I intend on falling in love with the reality of poetry being bigger than the poets. I do not know to what degree, but the stage will be set on fire.


About Thobani Mntambo
Jesus Walks, God Moves. I follow.
Pure Zulu Breed (Mom and dad are both Zulu)
Born In Soweto (Tladi Clinic)
23 Year Old Writer, Poet and IT Professional.
Family is everything, blood related and handpicked.
Newcastle KZN – “Home”
Diversity is life.
Loose Cannons keeps me going. Eternity.

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