“I’ve grown so much” – Southern Comfort


How does it feel to have made it to the 2015 Poetry League finale?
There’s no definite explanation of how it feels to be in the Top 5 of the Word N Sound Poetry League…the feeling is out of this world!

How would you describe your experience on the Word N Sound stage this year?
My experience at Word N Sound has been a great one, given how I started. I would say I’ve grown so much in the spoken word.

What has been your highlight of the year?
My highlight would be having made it to Top 5. I didn’t even perform at the last session due to being late for registration and not even making it to the Lab for the session .

What do you think of your competitors? Who is your biggest threat?
The Top 5 is so unpredictable; everyone who’s in it is capable of winning the Slam Championship title and I believe it’s going to be me!

What is your message to the rest of the Top 5?
My 4 fellow poets better watch out!


About Southern Comfort
Born in Kagiso 2 Krugersdorp
2014 Word N Sound Poetry League Top 10 finalist 
 2015 Word N Sound Poetry League Top 5 finalist

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