#WNSFest5: Free workshops


We have mastered the art of being artists but at times forget that this is a layered business that requires us to have business oriented knowhow to survive the corporate world.

In the interests of grooming strong, diverse and knowledgeable artists we have designed 3 powerful workshops for creatives interested in becoming better equipped as they grow in their craft.

What is crowdfunding? What is copywriting? What legal knowledge do you need when you start commercialising your art?

All these answers and more will be addressed at workshops that will form part of this year’s much anticipated 5th Word N Sound Poetry Festival at the Soweto Theatre.

Inspirational film-maker Xolelwa “Ollie” Nhlabatsi, bravely ventured out into the world of crowdfunding to produce a short film titled “Lost In The World”. He will also share his expertise and knowledge of this interesting form of sourcing funds. The workshop will kick off with a screening of his amazing short film.

We have award winning copywriter and Word N Sound CEO, Thabiso Afurakan Mohare, to expand and guide us through possibilities inherent in copywriting.

Adwoa Ankoma, Poetic Act’s Legal Artist will then take us through a young crash course for creatives. Join the workshop for legal tips to help navigate ones way through the pitfalls of the corporate world.

Artists are raising their awareness about their artworks and learning to manage their arts journey through their respective markets and Word N Sound is facilitating space for you to grow and evolve into well rounded and informed artist. Come and join us on Thursday 1st of October at Soweto Theatre for these free and crucial workshops.

Workshop times
12:00 – 13:30 Crowdfunding for the arts + film screening of “Lost In The World”
14:00 – 15:30 Copywriting 101
16:00 – 17:30 A Legal Crash Course for Creatives


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