DExZA: A taste of what’s to come

DEZA-GENERIC-FB-COVERWe are about to put 9 artists from South Africa and Germany in one big mixing pot to see what happens. So here’s a taste of what each artist brings to the game.


The German delegation is very diverse! We have Mara Genschel, she is a successful published poet who experiments with music and creates moments of reflection and possibly even irritation.

Dalibor Markovic is a spoken word artists who includes Beatbox within his poems! His words are “thunderstorms accompanied by beats”.

Amewu is a an MC who could also be considered a poet. His double time Rap includes philosophical, political, and even silent thoughtful verses.

El Congo Allen is a Cuban musician, based in Berlin. He already played the trumpet and percussion with Aloe Blacc, Tony Allen, Jimi Tenor and Lauryn Hill amongst many others. In addition he has his own formations such as Afrikun and Los Negros.

Akua Naru is an MC and poet. Her songs are jazzy and full of soul! She tours internationally and is based in Germany. I am very happy that all of these artists are part of the German delegation! It’s gonna be crazy!


The South African delegation for DExZA is made up of an assortment of highly talented individuals from diverse backgrounds who have writing/poetry at the as a common thread linking them.

Thabiso Afurakan Mohare is the crowned prince of South African Slam Poetry. A poet, emcee, copywriter and cultural activist Afurakan’s word play is simplistically technical, socially conscious, versatile and often larger than life. He has the stage presents of a giant in an anthill.

Hip Hop Express – Channel O from Joshua Swanepoel on Vimeo.

Lwazulubanzi Mthembu is a Singer|Songwriter and actress whose mastery of words and emotions come alive in the belly of her mouth and carried into the hearts of audiences by her unparalleled performance pedigree.

Vuyelwa Maluleke is a published poet, actress voice artist and accomplished Slam Warrior. Her work is honest, philosophical and visceral to the point of animated lyrical reality. The resonant timber of her voice peels back layers to expose the uncomfortable truths we choose to ignore.

Charl-Pierre Naude is probably the most promising Contemporary Afrikaans poet. His poetry is a brilliantly crafted new perspective, with metaphors that allow you to experience one thing through the eyes of something else. He is a metaphysical poet likened to John Donne, who philosophically does not always agree with his poetry and does not see himself synonymous with the poetry he writes.


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