Most if not all universities in South Africa have been brought to a stand-still in support of the #FeesMustFall #NationalShutDown campaign. The matter can no longer be ignored as a national crisis and thus a response from all sectors of society is required.

The Word N Sound Live Literature Company calls on all Poets, Authors, Creative Writers, Journalists, Musicians, Photographers, Graphic Designers and Videographers to submit original work in the form of a poem, prose, graphic image, song, rap, photography or video in response to the education crisis in South Africa and the student mass protests happening across the country.

Work inspired by and created in the last seven days is highly preferred. HOWEVER creatives are encouraged to create new work starting today (21 October 2015) reflecting on the last seven days and also to capture events that will unfold in the next coming days or weeks.

Submissions are currently open and will close on 30 November 2015. Submitted material will be published daily based on what is received with the aim of keeping up with the momentum created by the student protests.

Submissions must be sent to ayob@wordnsound.com

Files bigger than 25MB must be sent via www.wetransfer.com / www.dropbox.com or you may send a link if the material is already online.

Submitted work will be published on www.wordnsound.com and publicized through relevant online and social media platforms. The company will also investigate opportunities to extend submitted work to public spaces through events, campaigns, publications, mass media etc. When such opportunities present themselves, the company will seek further agreements with the participating creatives.

All copyright of submitted material will remain with the creative/artist and due notification will be sent prior to the publishing of such material.

We believe that the students’ demands are justified and that education must be free and accessible to all if black South Africans are to elevate themselves out of generational poverty and inequality.

Further, it is our responsibility as the creative community to be historians and custodians of our people’s plights, struggles and victories and capture them in a way as to advance social reflection and discourse and to ensure preservation of such historic moments in our history for the knowledge base of future generations.

We cannot be silent when our peers and country men and women shout truths that only aim to deliver all the promises of freedom and liberation.

We look forward to your participation.

In #WordNSound We Trust

Chief Executive Officer
Word N Sound Live Literature Company

Pic credits: Imraan Christian

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