by Adelaide January
Facebook: Adelaide Ada-Lady January
Twitter:  Ada_Lady01

thmb_FeesMustFall by Adelaide January

He tells me a story of his upbringing
Tears coming running to his face as he relives the past
I can sense the hurt that he felt back then
They came every day to look for me
He tells me
I used to hide in my sister’s closet whenever they came
Day in and day out they would raid our streets in search for me
On that day they came straight to her room
And they found me
Curled up in her closet
They found me
I knew then that I was about to meet my creator
That all hell has broken loose
My child I fought for your freedom and mine
My child the scars you see on my back
Are reminders of what I fought for
Trying to give you a better tomorrow

It was freedom
They were fighting for freedom
A fight that we were never meant to fight in our lives
Yet here we are today
Fighting the same fight
They fought against the language of the oppressor
And we are fighting against the high fees in education
With all these sky rocketing fees
Maybe it won’t be a train smash to be taught in the language of the past oppressor
And receive the education for free
Our fore fathers were oppressed
But they received an  education
We are free
And we cannot receive quality education because we are not privileged
We are not poor enough for NSFAS
And we are too poor to receive a bank loan
High rates of unemployment is all they preach about
No means are made to educate me in order to get employment
We have become modern day slaves to the system
The government our parents fought for
Has now become our biggest enemy

The same lashes our parents faced
We are now facing today
With police men dressed proudly in their uniform
Shooting rubber bullets confidently at students
#FeesMustFall is a cause we all need to be a part of
But when a black policeman starts shooting trying to stop students from doing so
I am starting to wonder which party they are protecting
And what cause they are supporting
And which revolution they are willing to die for
This revolution right here will be televised
And we will write our own history
While we are busy making it
None of this will be shied away from the public
Through tweets and hashtags
The world shall know of our struggle
Though this tweets and hashtags may not literally bring the fees down
But they will carry the message across through social media
This government is yet to see how the techno generation do it
Mr Blade Nzimande this right here
This current situation right here
You don’t need levels for this shit

Adelaide January mostly affectionately known as Ada-Lady is a
spoken word artist, born and bred in Kuruman, Northern Cape.
She explains herself as ‘’just an ordinary poet’’ who speaks
nothing but the truth and does not apologies for it.

Adelaide is a traveller and poetry is her journey.

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