#BooksNotBullets: Why Am I Broke? a poem by Masai Sepuru

Why am I Broke?
by Masai Sepuru

thmb_Why Am I Broke by Masai Sepuru
First in the family to graduate
Best congratulate
Raise a tent and call the neighbors
Let’s celebrate
But it’s just a diploma not an honors lets not exaggerate
Your expectations have sealed my fate

You are a man now, they say
We raised you
Now is your turn to aid
You have become educated so you must be paid
Soon you’ll have a big house and a maid.

Dear God,
I am afraid
I haven’t had this qualification for a year yet
I am to fill the shoes my father left.
Why did I bother chasing this dream?
Now I regret.

Continuously worried about next months rent
So much so that I haven’t even unpacked my bags
But the family already been on my case
On how I should renovate the house
All of this has me stressed
Staring at these beer bottles
Unsure about how being educated was supposed to taste?

I am somehow their last hope
They probably think I’ll be on TV.
While I am just stressing about submitting CVs.
Or spending late night’s trying to work on my first CD.
They wouldn’t call me a man, if they knew I am a fan-boy for DC.
They think it’s as easy as ABC.

Family politics revolve around me
How can I cope
When I don’t even have my first paycheck.
Already I owe a years worth of income.
You dare ask me why I am broke?

These are the untold stories of a young man
Who was raised in poverty…

When he is trying to chase a dream.
He is forced to catch up with reality.

One response to “#BooksNotBullets: Why Am I Broke? a poem by Masai Sepuru

  1. Nice poem! Unfortunately, this is a reality for many men and women who come from under privileged families. I hope this young man will eventually find a good job to get some family members off his back


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