DExZA – Meet Olad and Isabel from No Boundaries, Germany

What started as a conversation with Cornelius Jones on his Berlin trip about a year ago, resulted in the week of creative collaboration we have come to call DExZA.


Based in Berlin, Gemany, and founded in 2013, No Boundaries has set out to break out of the boxes that creatives often find themselves in, fusing music, poetry, hip-hop and other forms of expression into perspective changing experiences.


Isabel Ferrin-Aguirre and Olad Aden have been in South Africa this week for the DExZA project, a collaborative initiative where they brought a group of German artist of different genres to interact and create with a group of South African artists from different genres.


Listen to Isabel’s expectations of the DExZA project here:

Listen to Olad’s expectations and thoughts on the DExZA project here:


Here is a little more information on the type of work that Olad and Isabel have done with No Boundaries over the years.

Isabel tells us more about No Boundaries here:

Listen to Olad talk about using hiphop as a medium in his social work here:


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