by Joanne Bolton

thmb_FeesMustFall by Joanne Bolton

If all you care about are fees, I bid you to consider, please,
the way that you conduct yourself.
For it does more harm, and does not help
the situation when you push and shove, or do not march along with love.
If solidarity with those who fail, to do what’s right – they’ll go to jail –
is what you want, and in essence you
do what’s wrong and wrong things do.
It’s right for ‘them’ but wrong for ‘us’, we’re not relegated to the ‘back of the bus’
anymore, so please don’t yell that it’s only blacks. For time will tell
you that education should be free for all.
So when you march, please don’t fall
into the trap of burning tyres, rioting, fighting, setting fires
for it’s in peace and calm we put our trust and say #feesmustfall for all of us.

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