#DExZA: Can’t wait to experiement in Berlin – Amewu


We wrapped up our year of activities with a kick ass project that saw 4 local artists collaborating with 5 artists from Germany. #DExZA was by far one of our most exciting projects yet because no one knew what to expect. We caught up with hip hop artist Amewu to hear what he thought of his #DExZA experience in Johannesburg.

DExZA trailer 1 – Amewu from No Boundaries on Vimeo.

“I did not really know what to expect. So I can’t really say what my feelings were. In this kind of situations I mostly wait until I am actually arriving in the situation,” he says.


How did you find experiencing making art with the DExZA collective? What do you think of everyone who was selected?
I am pretty intuitive when it comes to making music. I feel like I did take the easiest way by collaborating with Afurakan. We just picked a beat and wrote raps. Seeing how others got really experimental I feel like missed out. But let’s see what happens until April.

I think the selection of the artist was really interesting. There were really different backgrounds, different ideas etc… Although I wish we would have had more time to deal with all this diversity.





What are your top 3 highlights?
Having a very interesting conversation with some of the artists at the botanical garden.
Coincidentally meeting Yugen Blakrok from Johannesburg at a show, because I really like her music.
Getting to know all the different artists and seeing what they were doing and how.



What was your biggest challenge?
Since I work alone a lot of times finding good ways to work together is always a challenge for me. I also work a lot in the evening and at night. So I guess adapting to different ways of working and work times was not always easy. Oh yeah..and one of the soundchecks was really challenging 😉

All the #DExZA artists are looking forward to the Germany leg of the project in April 2016. Remember to keep up with all the #DExZA news right here.

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