#WNSAfrica: Help us discover new voices

With every new year comes a renewed focus. We’ve been fortunate to make strong links with the US and the UK and what an amazing ride it’s been! So while we keep those links going, we want to spend the next year looking into the continent and strengthen relationships at home.

We’re keen to discover and collaborate with more African writers, performers and organisers. And who better to ask for help than our Word N Sound fam, the word enthusiast and poetry lovers? Help us discover new voices from the continent and diapsora by adding your favourite poets and poetry movements from all over the continent and the diaspora to the comment section below.

Poets we have worked with

Q Malewezi – Malawi

TJ Dema – Botswana

Leshie Lovesong – Botswana

Poem De Ansa – Botswana

Afua Wilcox – Swaziland

Dikson – Zimbabwe

Andrew Manyika – Zimbabwe

Inua Elms – Nigeria / UK

Lemm Sissay – Ethiopia / UK

Catherine Labiran – Nigeria / UK

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