#WNSAwards: Vote for your Best Showcase of 2015


The 4th annual Word N Sound Awards are almost here where we will salute an extraordinary league of writers those who have worked hard and stood out on the Word N Sound stage in 2015. We celebrate excellence in our craft with eight prestigious awards including Poet of the Year, Poetry League Champion, Best Newcomer, Word N Sound Honours, Best Showcase, Perfect Poem Award and the Innovation Award.

Two awards out of the eight, the Perfect Poem & Best Showcase, will be decided by a public vote where poetry enthusiasts can make their voice heard and help shape the awards.

Perfect Poem Award
The search for the perfect poem will never end. And if you are a regular at Word N Sound you’d know there isn’t just one poem that comes pretty close to perfect. We’ve been moved by some masterpieces on our stages in 2015 and now it’s time to give props where props are due. Check out the four poems nominated in this category and cast your vote here.

Best Showcase
The Word N Sound Committee shortlisted 5 amazing showcases from 2015 and have now opened it up to the public to hear who they think deserves to scoop the award.

Shef And The Kitchen
From the moment Siphiwe Hlophe sang his very first note at the #WNSFest5, we knew we had just struck gold! We had never started a show with a band performing, that’s usually a treat we leave for the end of the show. But the CEO had a bright idea, and boy did it work out. The first night of our annual Festival kicked off an a phenomenal note, all thanks to Shef And The Kitchen.


Zewande Bhengu
Now if there is one performer who knows how to give a memorable performance…it has to be Mr Zewande Bhengu. His years of theatre training at Wits University certainly came in handy when it was his turn to showcase. Newspapers strewn across the floor, a whole cast, costume changes, intricate lighting design…hell the brother even brought out a straight jacket. His performance pushed the envelope and undeniably raised the bar.

Zewande 1

Leshie LoveSong
When they said dynamite comes in small packages, they were not lying. So don’t be fooled by her petite frame, Miss Leshie Lovesong from Botswana can take to any stage and completely own it like a pro. She had the audience calling for more by the time she reached the end of her beautiful set at the Wits Theatre during the AfrWEka Festival.


Blindfold / Neil Atlantis
What you call this brother reveals just how long you’ve been on these Joburg poetry streets. The old school (Horror Café, Shivava, Cool Runnings vibe) know him as Blindfold while, to the new school, he’s introduced as Neil Atlantis. Either way it was great to see that he is still as spell binding as ever. His showcase was our way to introduce to the young writers in our audience, a far more experienced performer to show off some of that old school flare. We’re happy to say, Blindfold is still as dope as ever!


Koleka Putuma
Koleka brings fire to the stage…this we’ve known ever since she claimed the top spot at the first Slam For Your Life National Slam. And it was no different at the Word N Sound Festival at the Soweto Theatre. Her performance was bold, punchy and her closing piece, ‘Water’ was met with a standing ovation.

kholeka 1

We’re looking to honour the performer who put the most into their showcases, gave us unforgettable goose bumps and had us reciting lines from their poems for weeks after. Cast your vote now.

Voting closes at 20:00 on Sun 31 Jan. You can vote once every hour. The 4th Word N Sound Awards will take place on Sat 6 Feb at the Market Theatre Lab in Newtown.

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