Do Good Inc is a social intervention initiative started by The  Word N Sound Company as a means for young poets in Gauteng to play their part in building a better South Africa through literature. The initiative is an arm of the successful Word N Sound Poetry & Music Development programme that has been active in Gauteng since November 2010

In 2015 Word N Sound adopted the African School For Excellence: An NGO located on the outskirts of Tsakane’s ext-11,  with the aim of introducing a program to supplement the poetry curriculum in schools and to help develop the school library. This low-cost prefabricated school is focused on providing  high-quality education to underprivileged students in the townships. Their goal is to create world-class students, and ours is to utilise literature, particularly poetry as a tool to stimulate their thinking.


Mandi Vundla facilitating a poetry writing workshop at ASE

The African School for Excellence opened in Tsakane, on the East Rand, two years ago with the aim of equipping children from poor areas to compete on the world stage.
–Times Live

Fly Through The School [Low-Res]

Initiating a project of any degree is often met with unforeseen  challenges but regardless of the inevitable shortcomings, the children inspired us to make it work.
With no set budget, just passion, poetry and a class full of inquisitive pupils anxious
to partake in writing the exercise of the day.

Poems by ASE Students 2015- When kids do good with ink!

The Do Good Inc program is directed by Mandisa Poefficient Vundla and Facilitated by Mutle Mothibe.

If you would like to get your school involved email:

Tell us why Word N Sound should adopt your school.

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