NEXT SHOW: Season 6 | Episode 2


It is said that you breathe in experience and breathe out poetry… this means that every breath you allow to leave your body is an expression of some great or minute emotion. Maybe it’s love – in the silent release of energy after that pulse racing gasp. Perhaps release – after holding your breath in fear. This is not to mention all the poems titled fatigue, defeat, annoyance, admiration, relief, etc. you’ve recited in all manner of sighs. We inhale experience and exhale poetry.

Now, does this mean that we are all poets? Of course it does… not!

Ok, ok! Fine. We can all be poets, however this doesn’t mean we’ll be any good. Good is a rung reserved for the poets who can exhale in words! Poets who can articulate the nuances of every molecule of life carried in one’s breath into the metaphors and similes of the words they give life to on stage, because if every breath you exhale is poetry then poetry is the very fabric of life.


So join us for the second episode of this season’s Poetry League. Yep, Word N Sound is at it again – bringing you the best in local and international poetry. No, I’m not just putting international in there to give our production prestige, we really do have a surprise international act for you.

Be sure not to miss out, come out and learn how to breathe in words at the Word N Sound Poetry League showcase.

Doors open at 12 and seats fill up quickly, so get there early to avoid disappointment.

The official Word N Sound Poetry League signup list goes out at 9am and only the names on that list will be eligible to compete.

Get all your event details and updates here.

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