Malimela is a Zulu poet raised by a single mother, in Umkhomazi, KZN.

He lost his father to tribal wars at the the tender age of 4. He began writing in 2008 and performing in 2009.

Malimela is a member of the internationally recognized music and poetry collective called Whispers Of Wisdom.His poems are motivated by black lives across the African continent.

As a student, doing his BA in Philosophy at the University of Cape Town, Malimela is directly affected by the plight of rising university fees.

The South African Bill of Rights states that:

  1. Everyone has the right ­
    a. to a basic education, including adult basic education; and
    b. to further education, which the state, through reasonable measures, must make progressively available and accessible.

Malimela’s poem Ngibopheni: A Zulu word meaning ” Arrest Me” –
embodies the growing resistance students have shown in the face of police brutality
and the government’s blatant disregard for the law. It brings to life Mandelas’s words quoted above.

The students are conquering the ANC one University at a time. Karma has no Ally!

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