‘I’m showing off all I’ve learned’ – B-Lyrical

Making it to the final Top 5 in the Word N Sound Poetry League is no easy feat. Ask B-Lyrical (aka Bella Poetry), she knows all about it. After battling out for a season the Top 5 get to return to the stage without the pressure of the slam and give the WNS fam a real view of who they are as a writer and performer in a 20min showcase performance.

This Saturday, we are excited to host B-Lyrical, a spoken word artist, singer, activist and Season 5 Poetry League finalist.


How are you feeling about your very first showcase at WNS?
My body is a concoction of excitement, nerves and anticipation in the week leading up to my first WNS showcase.

Whose showcase have you enjoyed the most in past years and why?
Oh man. So so many showcases have been amazing in different ways. Vuyelwa’s energised pieces and Zewande’s theatrical stories have been two of the stand outs for me so far though.
What was your highlight of the league last year?
Highlight of last year… gee. It’s gotta be the festival at the end of the year hey. That was so much fun.

What did participating in the league last year teach you about yourself and your work?
Afurakan once said that I’ve essentially grown up on the Word N Sound stage since 2014 and I think that’s very true. Having a goal every month and watching other up-and-comers blossom while learning the do’s and don’t’s of poetry at WNS really has been a major learning curve for me. My hope is that my showcase will show what I have learnt in my two years on your stage! *wink emoticon*

What can we expect from your showcase this Saturday?
For this performance my main aim is to tell stories through the three mediums that I consider myself to have strengths in. Poems as well as music and video all created and constructed by me. I hope it will be a showcase of my talents as well as an uplifting and exciting performance for the audience to enjoy. I’m looking forward to it!

Join us at the Market Theatre Lab on sat 2 April for Episode 3 of the Poetry League. Doors open at 12:00, the slam starts at 13:00 and B-Lyrical will perform at 15:30. Arrive early to sign up for the slam. R50 at the door gets you in. Don’t be late and don’t miss out.

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