Thobani Mntambo: No. 2 | 158 points

Thobani Mntambo No.1|Points 118

How was this show any different from any of the other shows you’ve competed in?

This was the first show after the first workshop word n sound had for the top 5 and it was a case of applying and seeing how much I get right and what needs to be worked on. Both in writing and performance without losing authenticity in terms of why we do this art thing.



Ink: No.2 |104 Points

Where did he come from?!
Ink (Mwamba Chileshe) is a performance poet from Pretoria dedicated to writing poetry that tackles simple issues and concepts from a different angle, namely through the use of anthropomorphism and powerful imagery. The name Ink was chosen because ink, the liquid writing medium, always inspires some form of reaction e.g. read the ink, put tipex over it or throw it away. Either way, ink leaves a mark and I intend for my poetry to do the same


Emmah Mabye No.3 |99 Points

What are your thoughts on the Poetry League and will you be back to defend your spot
in the top 5?
The league has proven to be a great platform for many poets and showcasing quality material. The popularity and the number of years it’s been in existence
is testament to this. I love how some people have grown from episode to episode and continue to grow from season to season. So yeah people are using that platform well, not just for themselves but for the art.Defending my spot: Mmmmm, I don’t know.I’ve told people repeatedly: I am not a slammer!ke rata dilo nje(i just like things). On a serious note though, my schedule will dictate since I have a performance elsewhere that week.



Bella Cox No.4| 94 Points

Which performance stood out for you?
Of course, Thobani always stands out! His poetry has grown so much in the past year and he is a pleasure to watch. But Emma Mbaye was also incredible, I’m really glad that she came through to Word n Sound because I’ve only seen her perform at Spoken Sessions in Pretoria and she definitely deserved her top 5 spot in my opinion



Sibusiso Ndebele No.5 |87Points

As an avid follower of the WNS, please share your views on how you think this space has grown/changed over the years. How has it influenced your voice/work?
WnS never disappoints, after every show, we are left nourished with our souls full, maximum satisfaction. I love the consistency too, but it’s a kind of consistency that elevates, in many beautiful ways. I have witnessed creativity reveal itself, from the beginning to manifestation, I have seen new talent being polished. Throughout the years, the space has been really amazing.It is in turn influencing my work, in many ways, amongst other things, it is currently teaching me to tell well-structured stories,I’m very grateful for the guidance.



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