WATCH: The DExZA Doccie


We had the honour of partnering with No Boundaries in Germany on the DExZA project. The project saw 8 artists (musicians, vocalists, poets and rappers) collaborating with each other to create new work that was performed in Johannesburg (Nov 2015) and Berlin (Apr 2016). Olad Aden captured the project in amazing photography and video. He produced this documentary as a way of sharing our experience.

A result of a process that has begun many years ago and which has been building throughout the years, DExZA first took us to Johannesburg last year and the Johannesburg based artists just recently came to Berlin to present the fruits of their common labor. The basic idea and philosophy of the project…to cross and go beyond borders, language barriers, cultural identities, and art forms in order to create anew. It wasn´t always easy and it hasn´t always worked but we learned a lot and we are proud to present what has been created. I am very honoured to share the documentary I have been able to shoot within this process called DExZA.

Film Score by 7apes
Film by Olad Aden

About Olad Aden
Olad Aden is an African-German-American Street Social Worker based in Berlin, Germany. In this capacity he has initiated and facilitated a number of youth exchange programs like “The BronxBerlinConnection”. In addition he co-curated a number of cultural projects. In 2010 he co-curated “Translating Hip Hop” for the House of World Cultures in Berlin. He co-initiated and co-curated “SPOKEN WOR:L:DS”, a Literature/Rap project between Berlin and Nairobi for the Literatur Werkstatt-Berlin. Currently he´s working on a project called DExZA. A Poetry/Rap/Music performance exchange program between Johannesburg and Berlin for No Boundaries e.V. funded by the Heinrich Böll Foundation/The Goethe Institut and the German Consulate in South Africa.
Olad produced a series of trailers in the lead up to our Berlin visit. This is one of them; watch the rest of them here.

Trailer – Olad Aden
Beat by 7apes

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