#APoemADay: “Children Of The Stars” – Kojo Baffoe

Children Of The Stars
We are the travellers
We carry tomorrow on our backs
Leave our footprints in the sand for our children to follow
It is a new day and we leave the past behind

Once, we sank in the quicksand of history
We lived in the space between heaven and hell
And danced on the edge of a blunt razor
We walked dead-end roads and invented failure with each breath
We loved and lost
We laughed and cried
We drowned in hopelessness, indifferent to what the future held
Because we feared it held nothing for us.

We scaled mountains of fire
Only to have our passion extinguished prematurely
We battled our demons with success
A dim, flickering light at the end of a narrowing tunnel
We drowned in the vanity of the corrupt
But our ancestors were not to be denied
They pushed us forward, ever.
Backward, never.

Our love was brewed in an African pot
Our tears quench parched throats and bring life to the souls
Our truth lies in the footprints of those we follow
We feed our souls willingly,
confident in the words our ancestors whisper

“Your time has come.
Your time has come.
Your time

Our time.
Our time has come
We are believers
We look above and beyond
And watch it rise on the horizon
Slowly climbing above the clouds
Above the sky
Above the visible planets
Above the stars

Above the heavens
It rises with our spirits at its core
We give it life
The righteous road travelled is never easy
And it hasn’t been easy
We have tried and faulted
We have lived the ideal and lost our way, sometimes.

But blessings are ours, and dreams,
Dreams are carved from the laughter of children
From the strength of fathers
From the love of mothers

We are dreamers
We are the children of the light
We watch it rise and we follow
We rise on the wings of the phoenix
We travel the universe and orbit the sun
We follow the black star
It is engraved in our skin and imprinted on our hearts

The black star has risen and it shall continue to rise
Above the clouds
Above the sky
Above the visible planets
Above the stars
Above the heavens
The black star still rises

About Kojo Baffoe
Of Ghanian/German descent, Kojo Baffoe grew up in Lesotho. He is a writer, speaker, poet. The former editor of Blaque Magazine and Destiny Man is also a co-founder of the content design agency Project Fable. He is a former poet laureate of Gordon’s Institute of Business Science, and was part of the team that created and produced afro cafe. He has published two anthologies, ‘Voices In My Head’ and ‘And They Said Black Men Don’t Write Love Poems’.

Visit our website every day in May for our #APoemADay series to celebrate Africa Month.

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