Thobani Mntambo the known-unknown wordsmith

Thobani Mntambo is one of the well known poets on the WordNSound stage yet not many people know much about the wordsmith off stage. We had a chat with him to find out more about the mysterious star.
1. How do you  manage to keep your life so private and why?

I have not actively been trying to keep it private. I do however shy away from speaking about myself a lot of the time. I feel that one learns more from listening. So with regards to the how, I cannot be certain. Why? It is a preference that maintains the sustainability of my inner peace.

2. You will be showcasing on the 4th of June on the WordNSound stage. For those who’ve only seen you slam, how will your set be any different from your slam performances?

I intend on enjoying and learning from the experience. In my head this translates into a calmer me. Hopefully this then comes through in the way the story I am trying to tell is delivered, and received. Being on stage and fully being, allowing the poems to live through me, and create a magical energy in the room. Above all else to have fun!



3. Poetry performances have become an integration of different art forms. Should the audience expect your showcase to be following this trend?

Yes and no. I am fairly young in the poetry world, and for now, I would just like to let the words speak. Investing a lot of time and energy into simplicity. Covering all the basics when it comes to writing and performance. I believe this will make for much more effective integration when the time comes to fully explore this. So I am a little behind on the trend but I trust there will be enough to appreciate in the simplicity.

4. Most poets tend to do commercial poetry so as to make money, what are your thoughts on this issue?

It is an avenue that is there for us to pursue and explore. More especially if poetry is a main source of income. Most poets know why they do poetry and it is seldom that they lose themselves in the commercial aspect of things… Well, as far as I have seen. My thoughts? Do whatever works for you.
5. AKA, Bonang and Zinhle’s story has made runs in the media lately. If you could write a poem telling their story, how would it be?

Hahahaha interesting subject matter, but it could work to identify dynamics and insights that have been around for decades. A little humorous probably, I do not know. But I would enjoy doing an improv piece on a subject matter such as this just to get ideas out there. Then we would sit down and write from the raw improv…

Catch Thobani live this Saturday at the Word N Sound Poetry League at the Market Theatre Lab, Bus Factory | 3 Helen Joseph Str, Newtown.

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