Southern Comfort: The Underdog

Southern Comfort is one of the poets that has remained consistent in the Word N Sound Poetry League. Last year he made it into the top 5 to compete for the title Queen/King of the mic in the finale at the 5th Word N Sound International Poetry Festival. He took to the stage and his total upset victory over Xabiso Vili was both a shocking and exciting moment.

He is our next showcase artist to warm up the stage this winter.

Here’s a little taste of  what to expect on the 2nd of July at the Market Theatre Lab, Bus Factory,  3 Helen Joseph Str, Newtown for the Word N Sound Poetry League show.

You have been one of the people who have been in the slam series for a long time, how did you manage to remain consistent and what inspired you to write new poems every month?

The secret to remaining consistent was simple. I didn’t have to wait for inspiration to write. I wrote because poems demand to be written, some in the form of ideas, concepts and what we experience in our daily lives.

If anything, what has participating in the WNS Poetry League done for your poetry career and has it made any impact in your personal life?
It has given me the recognition I’ve longed for as a performance poet. The amount of growth I’ve gained since slamming at WordnSound is huge.
I’ll be launching my first anthology on my showcase from all the poems I shared on the WordNSound Platform 😊
How did it make you feel to be part of the top 5 who competed at the 5th Word N Sound International Poetry Festival last year?
Words fail me to describe the feeling. I was overjoyed I could shit rainbows. One of the best moments in my poetry life.
Do you think that poets have any influence in the society and why?
Poets definitely do influence the society. Poets are in the office of the prophets, middlemen between God and humanity.
For those who have not seen you perform, what can they expect on the 2nd of July 2016?
Poetic Evangelism.

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