EVENT WRAP UP: #PoetryLeague S6E7

The Poetry League stage was lit this month, with too many memorable performances to mention. Collaborations definitely took stole the show. First there was Bella and Belita coming together to form Bench Marx, which ended up in the Top 5. There was Afurakan and Cyrus who came together for our Cypha Komplete. We also got a sneak peak into a possible collaboration between our host Bonga, and Pilgrim.

Shoutout to Zewande for taking the title of King of the Mic! For all those who missed the show, here is a quick wrap up of Episode 7.

Congrats to this month’s Top 5! 


B-Lyrical@B_Lyrical  Aug 6
My NEW poem HEART BREAKER placed THIRD in the #PoetryLeague Top5 @WordNSound this month!

IG: _TheGreatDerick@WordsByDerick  Aug 6
Guys @WordNSound was too amazing today it ended too quickly #PoetryLeague #InWordnSoundWeTrust @WordNSound

IG: _TheGreatDerick ‏@WordsByDerick  Aug 6
Guys a poem for Pulane @WordNSound @Afurakan #PoetryLeague

IG: _TheGreatDerick@WordsByDerick  Aug 6
Woah guys this guy just took this book by reading the tittle only “Make me stayyyyy” @WordNSound #PoetryLeague

Nonn Botha@NonnBotha  Aug 6
Reflective ! Inspiration ! Lit ! POETRY LIVES! Thanks so much @WordNSound @Afurakan Jerr ! #PoetryLeague

Word N Sound@WordNSound  Aug 6
1st half of the show brought killa poems on the open mic Come back after the break for @Afurakan Cyrus Beatz & Botsotso poets #PoetryLeague

IG: _TheGreatDerick@WordsByDerick  Aug 6
But @B_Lyrical on stage neh #PoetryLeague @WordNSound

Kori@koriStrange  Aug 6
@wordnsound #poetryleague @b-lyrical “do all Spanish girls look this Asian ” bella’s poems always know how to navigate a heart

Word N Sound@WordNSound  Aug 6
Will last month’s top 5 keep their spots, or will they be taken down by the fires we’ve seen so far? #PoetryLeague @TheMarketLab

B-Lyrical@B_Lyrical  Aug 6
This month is@WordNSound‘s #poetryleague yo! If ur missing it ur missing out! Thank you for all the love 4 #NOTALLMEN w/ @fleshydesires

Keeys@Keeys_lee  Aug 6
Your words are art… @WordNSound #PoetryLeague I am having such a splendid time here

Word N Sound@WordNSound  Aug 6
Zina is up next. Is everyone enjoying the show so far? There’s more poetry coming up #PoetryLeague @MarketTheatre

BlackGold@Qhakaza  Aug 6

That black boys poem was something else and you only just wrote it this morning. @MissAbiKinz Im such a fan girl! #PoetryLeague @WordNSound

Nonn Botha@NonnBotha  Aug 6
I am in the mood to pollute the air with drums”things poets say @WordNSound  #PoetryLeague

LA Ơ̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ Guru@StabiloBoss  Aug 6

Black Boys Don’t Go Missing
They Leave – @MissAbiKinz @WordNSound #Poetryleague

Word N Sound@WordNSound  Aug 6

Bench Marxs is up next? What will you bring for us today? #PoetryLeague @MarketTheatre

BlackGold@Qhakaza  Aug 6
Busisiwe has some strong lines and beautiful yet haunting imagery. She needs to edit more. #PoetryLeague @WordNSound


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