Introducing Spoken Word Sundaes


Word N Sound is proud to bring to you Spoken Word Sundaes, a new 6 minute poetry feature on Sundays during The Music Lab hosted by Danilo Acquisto on Good Hope FM, between 12 and 3 pm.

Every week, we will be bringing you inspirational poets and poetry from around the world straight to your earstep. Spoken Word Sundae launches this Sunday, 14 August, with the one and only Koleka Putuma.

If you are not in the Western Cape, you can still catch the show on Good Hope FM, live from their website or on DStv channel 803.

We had a quick chat with Danilo to find out more about him, the show, and the exciting new collaboration. #PoetryWins

Photo Cred - Greatgrampops
Photographer: Greatgrampops

Qhakaza: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you landed up in radio.
Danilo: I am a 25 year-old busybody who has far too much energy for his own good. I grew up in Johannesburg and moved to Cape Town to pursue a law degree. While I was studying, I was at UCT radio and Hectic Nine-9 came to ask me to audition. I did, and was a presenter on that show for 4 years while sinking my teeth into production. I was then asked to intern at Good Hope FM, and then entered the Presenter Search on 3. I was fortunate enough to win and have been on Afternoon Express now for just over a year. Radio has always been the undercurrent to all my work.

Qhakaza: Tell us about The Music Lab. What kind of show is it?
Danilo: The Music Lab is the place to be on the weekend. We don’t do much blah blah blah because we know it’s the weekend and we focus on content relevant to the younger generation. It’s a music oriented show where on Saturdays we focus on what’s current and on Sundays we take things down a notch to bring inspiration and good spirits.

Qhakaza: Why have you decided to add poetry to your show?
Danilo: Poetry is art. It’s a medium never explored in this way on radio and I believe it’s time. Poetry like music has the power to move people and on Sunday’s what better way to be inspired for the week ahead than by listening to new talent each week and having their words inspire a nation.

Qhakaza: Have you always loved poetry? Who are some of your favourite poets?
Danilo: It’s honestly a medium I haven’t yet explored. I have always loved the timeless poetry of E. E. Cummings.

Qhakaza: How and why did this partnership with Word N Sound come about?
Danilo: I was considering doing poetry on my radio show for some time. I was also a student at St Stithians College, which was the host of a festival which included poetry and I tried my best to get hold of the team behind it – Word N Sound. The rest is honestly history.

Koleka spoken word sundae Photographer: Andy Mkosi

Tune in for our very first episode of Spoken Word Sundae featuring Cape Town based slam champion and theatre practitioner, Koleka Putuma.


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