‘I put my soul into every word’ – NazFloe


How would you describe your run in the Poetry League in Season 6?
I would describe my run this year as an emotional roller coaster. Every month was draining, but spiritually fulfilling at the same time. And through the ups and the downs, I can say with conviction that I put my soul into every word uttered on that stage and I couldn’t be happier that it has all paid off in the end.

What kept you motivated to keep coming back to slam each month?
I kept coming back because of the sense of family more than anything. Yes, it is a competitive space, but the sense of fellowship is what most churches dream of having among members. I have never felt more supported, more motivated, more loved and appreciated by a group of people who barely know me, than I have at Word n Sound and that inexplicable appreciation made me believe that coming back would lead to so much growth, not just as a poet, but as a human being holistically.

Consistency in the League forces you to grow as a writer and performer. How would you say you have grown as a poet?
I feel like this year was a big year of growth for me. Performance wise, I started to feel more at home on the stage and gained confidence in my delivery. As a writer, I feel that I am so much better at articulating the stories I tell through poetry and can now tap into all my emotions as inspiration, where only love used to be my go to emotional trigger. What is most exciting though is that this is not the end, there is so much growth still to come, this is only the beginning of my journey through poetry so watch this space!

If you could build an all-female slam team, which 5 soldiers would you enlist for the battle and why?
I will choose 5 warrior women mostly from the ladies I’ve had the honour to slam against this year. 1st Zizipho because she just has a way with words that I admire, the power in her work is always awe inspiring. 2nd, Emmah, she brings a vulnerability and ability to connect to the heart of an audience and still deliver her work with strength and poise. 3rd, B_Lyrical, no secret that I am a fan of her work, she brings an unshakable truth through her work and she is not afraid to push boundaries, make people uncomfortable enough to spark the conversations that need to be had. I would throw in Koleka Putuma just for control, she has this calm nature about her, that time she is delivering killer blows with her words. Then obviously, I would be the 5th warrior, bring the underdog tenacity to the team.

Which poet in the Top 5 will be your toughest competitor at the Season 6 Finale #WNSFest6? (we don’t want any of those PC answers about you being your own toughest competition… you have to select one of the other finalists.)
I am up against an amazing group of poets who are all just a problem in life, lol. But if I have to choose one, I would say Thobani is the biggest hurdle. That guy is an out of this wordsimth and well we all know what can happen when he brings it, massive destruction, case in point, last years finale. FLAMES!!!

About NazFloe
Sinazo Somhlahlo (28), known as NazFloe, is a poet/spoken word artist and vocalist born and raised in Butterworth, Eastern Cape, currently based in Johannesburg. Having started writing songs in primary school, the transition into poetry was a natural one. She writes her poetry in both English and isiXhosa, giving her work a very unique and honest feel. NazFloe finds inspiration in personal and shared life experiences and the human condition in general. She has been a constant on the Word n Sound Poetry League stage, she has also graced other stages such as the Muvhango 15year anniversary gala event where she wrote and performed a tribute to the legendary Duma kaNdlovu. Her aspirations include growth as a writer and performer and bringing the otherwise underground movement of poetry into the mainstream by fusing poetry and music through the collaborative effort called Deep n Floe, a duo formed with vocalist and friend, Sphiwe Phakathi aka Spivdeep.

Could this underdog cause our next upset. We’ll fid out at the Season 6 Poetry League finale at the #WNSFest6. Get all the details here.

Photography: Poetry Vision and Shassy Chasowa


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