‘Yes, it’s a competition…but only when we get on stage’ – Rabbie Wrote


First met you at our non-competitive weekly poetry show, Poetry Corner. What inspired you to join the slam?
With my experience at the Poetry Corner, I was inspired to join the slam because I felt I was ready to allow my growth to sprout to a different challenge, try and conquer something bigger. Non-competitive performance is all fun and games until your have to test your storytelling against worthy opponents, for cash.

So what exactly do people who arrive at 06:00 to sign up for the league do between then and 13:00 when the show starts?
Catching up with your new found family is the name of the game when you arrive at 6am to sign up for the league. A pattern emerges, you know how far people live, and you see who is hungry for the art, persistent, meandering through the cold to have that five minute on stage. Not making it to the top 5, yet more than eager to do it again, and again. Yes, it is a competition, but only when we get on stage. We build each other from 6am and dismantle each other from 1pm. We love it.

Which of your performances did you enjoy the most this season? What about it made it stand out?
I enjoyed my performance on the final episode. I worked hard all season long to get back on the top 5 and King of the Mic became the reward. I think what stood out about that performance was the timing of the subject matter, black natural hair, the delivery and the concise writing pushed the piece to heights I didn’t expect and I am humbled with how it was accepted.

Women have been showing the men flames on stage! Create a 5 member, all-male slam team that would be able to withstand the heat.
If I had the power to gather a 5 member, all-male slam team to light a fire under the women and watch it burn, I would assemble Thobani Mntambo, Sibusiso Ndebele, Strange, Thabiso Ngwenya and Rabbie Wrote. The chaos that will be there is still losing its mind while doing one of those yoga-stands by Mutle Muthibe on stage. It will be lit.

Which poet in the Top 5 will be your toughest competitor at the Season 6 Finale at #WNSFest6?
My toughest competitor will be Thobani Mntambo, the Soul of Loose Cannons, he has been very consistent and keeps growing.

Rabbie Wrote is a BA Communication Science Alumni at UNISA, journalist and social media manager at Saturday Star newspaper. The Joburg based spoken word artist’s poetry career began at Off the wall Poetry Performing in Cape Town early in 2013. He Moved back to Joburg the same year and became the “self-proclaimed” resident poet at the Word N Sound non-competitive show, Poetry Corner. Meanwhile in his journalism career he was a finalist in the Standard Bank Sikuvule awards 2014 for young journalist of the year, story of the year and feature writing. In the same year he joined the slam.

Be sure to come and support Rabbie Wrote at the Finale on 8 Oct. Get all your #WNSFest6 details here.

Photography: Poetry Vision and Shassy Chasowa


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