Word N Sound hosts The Next Generation Speaks

On 10 October, Word N Sound will be hosting representatives from five countries for the third leg of Next Generation Speaks.

The Next Generation Speaks is a global spoken word collaborative initiative that brings together arts organizations from five countries spanning three continents. They are ROOTS & ROUTES from The Netherlands, Urban Woorden from Belgium, Brouhaha International from the UK, Youth Speaks from the USA, and Word N Sound from South Africa.

“Our intentions with Next Generation Speaks is to find a feasible way to interact and partner with our global organisations. There are many assumptions around how art works, so for us it’s about looking at what the other organisations are doing – because we do similar work – how are they doing it, what we can teach them and what they can teach us, and also, how do we start debunking some of these myths and stereotypes about each other”, our CEO, Thabiso Mohare said.

Using spoken word as the medium, these organizations are challenged to not only exchange ideas on a global scale, but more importantly to find new ways of fostering capacity building for arts organizations, develop networks that will empower youth and increase their mobility.

“For Word N Sound as an organisation, it’s a learning curve. It’s important for people to see where art can take you, be it Germany or San Francisco, and also expose young people to a broader literary community beyond South Africa because sometimes they think the market it just here, and it’s not”, Thabiso concluded.

We are excited to see all the amazing work that will come out of these collaborations.


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