#PoetryLeague? What’s all the hype about anyway?

So you’ve heard about the Word N Sound Poetry League and wondering what it’s all about? Better yet, you’ve never heard of this exciting monthly slam that’s had poetry lovers blown away for the last six year?


We asked some of the most exciting poets of our generation what the League means to them and this is what they had to say;

“The league is a collaboration, an unintended one, but everyone who competes on that stage is included in the experience of the previous, the current and of the next performance. I really look forward to the intervals sometimes, the music is really calming when you’re still going to be up on stage. Besides meeting more people in the art space, it means training, it means performing, then performing while training. You are constantly evaluating and revolving.” – Zizipho Bam

The quickest way to establish and advance your career in the Johannesburg spoken word community. To me, it has been an exciting platform on which to explore and expand my work before one of the most exciting audiences in the scene. – Modise Sekgothe

It’s a poetry gauntlet! It means the world to me even as I am an observer more than participant. It has instilled a lot more awareness to always try stay on top of one’s game and also to never get too comfortable in your level of artistry. – Mutle Mothibe


It’s a den with all the necessary tools a young writer needs in order to establish growth of self in poetry. To me, Word N Sound means a door I first opened when I arrived in Johustleburg to pursue my love for poetry and also to nurture the love that already existed for this art. – Lucas Pilgrim Serei

It is a dungeon. You evolve, adapt and survive. Your words are your weapon, performance your shield. But you need to understand that this is only a battlefield when you are on stage. For me it means understanding that with all the growth on stage, there is an abundance of energies to absorb off stage. We are family off stage. – Rabbie Wrote

It is a poetry marathon where consistency matters the most for the ultimate growth of a poet. A great platform to share and experiment with poetry. It means blood, sweat and tears to me. If followed and participating in it religiously…one stands to evolve full circle as a poet. – Southren Comfort

The Word N Sound Poetry League is a library of experience, a place where one gets to express oneself and learn from others. – Mpho Khosi


WnS is space for learning and growth within the poetry arena. You learn of yourself and of others and how to challenge yourself more and with bigger things each month. Consistency is very important, so is honesty, Word n Sound sniffs out ego and empty punchlines like a terrier. To compete on that stage is to get more and more vulnerable with yourself, your audience and your peers with each passing month and to grow from that space. – Bella Cox

The Word and Sound Poetry league is a creative space that offers an opportunity for growth, provides guidance and a whole lot more. To me, it means an opening to a new way of living and creative process for the spoken word artist, It is an experience… – Sibusiso Ndebele

The Word N Sound Poetry League is a platform that aids to measure the level of art you are putting out there, and what is being put out there. It is a monthly reminder that one cannot be stagnant. It fine tunes and teaches a lot of skills. It almost compels one to grow. – Thobani Mntambo

The best platform for developing and monitoring your work. – Mandi Vundla

Join us every month at the brand new Market Theatre Lab and discover what the Word N Sound Poetry League is all about for yourself.


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