#PoetryLeague Season 7 – Let’s Go!

The Word N Sound Poetry League returns for another stellar campaign set to kick off on Feb. 11 at the new Market Theatre Lab. This year we are moving the show to the new Lab inside the Market Theatre complex to make room for more of your friends and family so you can enjoy the shows together. The new and improved packaging is a step in the right direction, however, the #PoetryLeague — now in its 7th season — will feature the same format that has made it a fan favourite with exciting new additions to be announced at the first episode.


We are really excited about the 7th season of the #PoetryLeague and look forward to another crazy ride of a season – so ‘Glamour Up. Saddle Up. Buckle Up and LET’S GO!’ And help us settle into our new home as we kick off season 7 with the Word N Sound Awards. The #WNSAwards ensure a shining start to a sparkling new season – highlighting the best moments from last season’s biggest superstars and hottest emerging talent.


The #PoetryLeague has provided a unique showcase of some of the greatest poems and talented artists over the years and this year will be no different. Our action packed first episode bodes well for a fantastic year for poetry and collaboration. It marries Jozi’s most anticipated slam the Word N Sound #PoetryLeague with the #WNSAwards. Now if you are still wondering why the #PoetryLeague is still all the rage after all these words, you can find out here: https://wordnsoundlivelit.wordpress.com/2017/01/12/poetryleague-whats-all-the-hype-about-anyway/

A Cypher Komplete showcase and an amazing international mystery guest complete the line-up for the first episode to end all first episodes.

#Seeyou11Feb (don’t forget to bring a friend)

#MarketTheatreLab | R50

Doors open at 12 PM. The official Word N Sound Poetry League signup list goes out at 9 AM and only the names on that list will be eligible to compete. For more information drop us an inbox.

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