NEW ALBUM: Spoken word meets dub


Tell us about the new album?
The new album is called Alkebulan Dub System – Words Over Dub, The Bantu Master Tape. Alkebulan Dub System is a recording and live sound system based in the east rand and founded by myself, Cyrus Beats and DJ Ital Steppa. The album is meant to launch the sound system and give us a product that we can market globally.

The album itself is an experiment comprising ska foundations, dub basslines, boom bap drum patterns and laced over with edgy and controversial spoken word. It is an attempt to push new boundaries within both Dub and Spoken word as genres in our creative sphere.

It’s easy listening, thought provoking, head bobbing 48 minutes of sound escapism.

What is Beast From the Beats?
Beats From The East is a newly formed music production label with a special focus on spoken word. The label is made up of Cyrus Beats, Qhakaza Mthembu, Thato Chai and myself with the aim of filling a large and important gap in the African recording landscape. We have a new global trend as far as spoken word is concerned but there are virtually no record labels focusing on this genre.

We hope to create a service that will benefit the artist primarily and the poetry community and industry at large.

Beats from The East currently has a residency hosting you and Cyrus Beats. How is that going?
We are now almost a year into the residency and we have had some amazing experiences and the usual challenges. Two creatives left to fend for themselves while trying to come up with dope work is a very risky process. I don’t even think we have cooked ever since we moved into that house. LOL.

But creatively it has been bliss. We manage to finish building a small studio and have thus far finished recording two full albums. The first one being the Dub tape which is out now and the second album will be Cypha Komplete – The Broken Men Tape which is scheduled to drop end of February 2017.

We’re looking forward to your performance at the #WNSAwards. What can we expect?
I think we will do a mash up of the Dub tape and the upcoming Broken Men Tape to give people a taste of what to expect. This will also probably be my last performance on a public stage in a while as I will be taking some time off soon.
I am looking forward to the awards. It promises to be legendary. I know Cyrus Beats can’t freekin wait!

Get yourself a copy of ‘Words Over Dub: The Bantu Master Tape’ from the Play Store.


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