WRITING CHALLENGE: What is your skin worth?

We received an overwhelming response for the first month of the Next Generation Speaks writing challenge “Unwritten Letter To My Lover” with entries from Bangladesh to Trinidad and Tobago.

For the second month we have decided to raise the writing stakes with our brand new writing challenge theme “What is your skin worth?”

Skin comes in all shades. To some their skin is a vehicle for the soul while others view it as a cage where they are trapped and marginalized. What is skin to you? What is your relationship with your skin? How do you carry your skin in the world? Most importantly, what is your skin worth?

How do I get my work in the global anthology/mixtape?
The Next Generation Speaks project comes to an end in September 2017. After 6 months of issuing new writing challenges for poets all over the world to respond to, we’ll have more than enough to pick from in order to create a global anthology and mixtape from the poems submitted.

How do I submit my work?
Submitting your work to the Next Generation Speaks project is simple. Upload your poem as text, video or audio on any platform and share on Twitter or Facebook with the official hashtag, #NextGenSpeaks. You can submit as many poems as you like, the whole point is to write and share with a growing global community. Please keep poems shorter than 200 words.

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