‘I’m taking the audience through the journey of Mpho Khosi’

Mpho Khosi is our head of merchandise and has been the driving force behind all our tees and sweaters but every now and then, he gets to rock a poetry stage with a performance. He’s set t headline the next Balladry Composition session at Cramers Coffee in the CDB.

Why is poetry important to you?
I grew up a shy and inexpressive person (even though most may not believe it). Poetry helped in unleashing those shackles, it helped me find my voice and enabled me to shout it out. So, poetry is of extreme importance to me as it allows those who are/may be voiceless, to find a voice and a platform to just shout.

What 3 words would you use to describe your poetry?
Descriptive. Expressive. Personal.

Why have you been off stage for so long?
I think that I have allowed myself to fall back into a zombie state. I have allowed the reality that I need to ensure that my kids have food, become my crutch and excuse for being off stage for so long. And this has resulted in me working more for others; my kids, my employers, but not working more for me. #growingup

You’ve watched the Poetry League develop over the last 6 years. How has that been for you? What has stood out for you over the years?
The development of Poetry League has been a marvel to watch, it’s been a proud moment to think that I was part of the first group and now am part of the experience itself. What mostly stands out with Poetry League will always have to be the rawness of it, the gritty nature that the stage can take.

You are also a member of the WNS team that manages all shows, what have been your top 3 highlights of being part of this ground breaking brand?
The consistency of the brand. The standard of the poets who we give opportunities to. The chance to learn more and grow more within the poetry family.

What can audiences expect from you at the upcoming Balladry Composition event?
Well, with the time I have been given. I am looking to take audiences through a journey of Mpho Khosi, the growth, the pain and the love that I have had a chance to write about. In a nutshell, they will experience me.

You’ll be performing alongside Thobani, a poet we’ve seen grow on our stage, how do you feel about that?
Talk about sharing a stage with an awakening giant. Over the last couple of years, I have had the pleasure of watching Thobani perform. I have had Goosebumps from his performances; and now, I get to share a stage with him. All I can say is, I hope I perform first so that I can fully enjoy his set.


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