WATCH: Natalia Molebatsi drops a new music video

If you follow Natalia Molebatsi’s work (which you totally should be) you’d know she has a brand new music video titled “Cool Water” out. Watch it here before getting into the young chat we had with her:

Ah what a beautiful video! Who did you work with in producing it?
DJ Sway and AJ Thrower worked on the beat and the video was produced by Aria

What was the process of interpreting the poem into visuals? Is it easy to make a video for poetry?
We just wanted to work with water and being. We really worked with what we could get, knowing that Arias has a great eye. We wanted to catch the best of the Los Angeles sun before it set. I think poetry paints pictures so it isn’t hard to make a video for words.

What are your highlights from this video shoot? You know, the memories you will always carry with you from this experience?
Working with Photographer Roz Kumari, and Orisa dancers Rachel Hernandez and Laury Adams was like gaining new family members. Laury and I have known each other a while now, and she I just a great connector of beauty-full souls. The team work was just amazing, from the still photographer to the technical team. It was amazing! The dancers were just amazing too. We took what we had in terms of resources and the dream, and worked magic.

Photographer: Roz Kumari

If there was only one verse someone heard from this song, which would you like it to be?
“We need some water
to raise the flowers
growing around the world.
We need some water
to cool the fire
burning around the world.”

(That’s the hook…I love it)

So is there an album in the making? If so, do tell us all about it.
There is definitely an album in the making…and I’m taking my time. Work is being done and will continue to manifest throughout my travels, LA, Maputo, Venice, Johannesburg, Lagos Barcelona…

I see you are still performing with that amazing Italian band, The Soul Making. How has it been working with a band on the other side of the world?
Yes, I love them! I wish we had more time together. But I think we need to start moving away from the analogue world and doing things through the internet *laughs at self*

Name three artists you would love to collaborate with.
May I be allowed to dream: Bahamadia, Black Coffee, Espranza Spalding, Erykah Badu, Thandiswa Mazwai (oh you said three) *Hides face*

Lastly, what is your secret to looking so beautiful….ALL the time? Do you have a stylist?
I now have a stylist. She just joined my team literally weeks ago (March 2017) but for 10 years and before then, I did my own thing. I am grateful though to work with Phindile Dindie Makatane and NtomK Banele Dlamini

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