Ultimate form loading – Rabbie Wrote 


Rumour has it ‘ultimate form is loading”, what is your ultimate form?
My ultimate form is eternal serenity with my art. Being at a point where I can embody each and every letter in every word in every single poem, like water.

Your journey with Word N Sound has been interesting. From Poetry Corner to Poetry League Finale at last year’s Festival, what have been your highlights?
Performing at the festival was my biggest highlight. I had set out to make it to the festival by performing as frequently as possible and growing in my writing while I do so. I unlocked a new achievement with the festival performance on my journey to an ultimate form.


You are also part of Magnum Opus who have just release an EP titled ‘Kwasukasukela’. Tell us more about the project and what we can expect. What have been some of the challenges of collaborative performances?
The project has taken its own path. We are following that path and believing in the process. Kwasukasukela is how you start a fable in iSizulu. And so, this is how our story begins. What can be expected from Magnum Opus going forward, is a 3man cinematic show, hopefully at Market Theatre, in the following months.

The main challenge Opus faces is that we are scattered; I stay in the West Rand, Thobani in the East and Sbu in the South, therefore rehearsals & collaborative writing, brainstorming etc. aren’t as frequent as we would like. But, we maximize the time we get over some weekends. 

What tips can you share to artists wanting to produce work together?
The most important thing is not to force the collaboration. Let the people you will work with find something inside you, some joy, enthrallment from your work, your energy must charge theirs. You should in turn see a spark in them too. Never collaborate with someone if you can’t trust their ability with your brand as a poet.

And remember, together means better.

You are the Online Editor for The Star, does poetry feed into your work at all?
Yes. Actually, when I was still a reporter, I remember my editor, Kashiefa Ajam would say, “If your story doesn’t read like your poetry, I don’t fucking want it”. I have since been using the same creative part of my mind for my work. A few journalism award nominations later I think I’ve been listening to Kash, as we call my Editor. 

So you have a demanding 9 to 5, compete in the Poetry League every month, sometimes perform again as part of Magnum Opus, find studio time to record the EP, you’re also a father … How are you balancing this all?
Lol …when you put it that way it sounds like I have a lot on my plate. Just to add to that plate, I also play indoor soccer twice a week. I think one important thing is that I enjoy my job but the working ours are the devil’s work. I work Tuesday to Saturday and every first Saturday I squeeze #PoetryLeague into my day.

One thing I learned from Poetry Corner is the ability to write and memorize a poem for a weekly show. So a month is more than adequate now. Studio time with Magnum Opus is one Sunday a month average. Usually after Poetry League while the poems are still fresh on our minds. My daughter and I now have one thing in common – love for poetry. She doesn’t care about Playstation and anime anymore, she likes things such as Dora The Explorer and Rapunzel like other 4 year olds. Me and her are like this (does the Zuma touching index fingers meme).

Any advice for other artists battling to keep producing while holding down day jobs? We are looking forward to your showcase coming up soon. What magic have you packed into it for us?
I would say time management is your best bet if you are in the arts and holding down a day job. As for my showcase, I promise you nothing but a cinematic experience. 

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