“Love made me and I will return to it when I leave this world” – Hakeem Andreson-Lesolang


We caught up with Hakeem ahead of his feature at this week’s Poetry Corner and this is what he had to say…

What is the story behind the book? Why did you decide to write it?
The story behind the book is I was urged [forced & threatened] by my following and family to write. Hahaha. I have a great fondness for the world of amazing minds and incredibly great hearts who have pushed me to do this though because as much as my melanin musings and GMLDaily series has helped them through, putting the work out at that rate has healed me as a young black man traversing life.

Also, I was forced to write the book because Data is expensive in South Africa and my people, my following, my fans & supporters wanted a book with my colorful musings to keep and call theirs and I obliged.

I love everyone on my social media and this is a thank you to all of them for helping me undress a lot of my pain, tackle my ego and to grow up through the process of writing this book.

It’s honestly been cathartic experience and a healing to write 200 Truths About Love.

I’d like it to motivate self-love at a real and beautiful level of awareness. I feel like a lot of times people know how to love others and hardly themselves and that bring about this great confusion in loving people and getting it wrong. I’m of the belief that to love the next person right, to give of yourself to the next person the right way, you must know how to do that for yourself first.

This book motivates that. It takes a harsh tone then morphs into a rotary of affirmations and goes into a construal jesting with one’s sexiness and carnal nature.

200 Truths About Love is just, sexy.

That’s the story.


How has your experience of love changed or shaped you?
It’s informed a lot about who I am and the man I’m constantly falling in love with. It’s allowed me to look at myself through the eyes of women and want to shape up and be better instead of leaning on my flaws as a barrier when it comes to loving better than I did yesterday.

Love made me and I will return to it when I leave this world. Might as well be what created me and what I’ll be returning to. Right?

There seems to be the most beautiful publishing revolution among young people, what do you think is driving it and what can we do to sustain it?
We are finally celebrating ourselves and telling our own stories with an audience that’s hungry for identity and a sense of community and belonging. I love where we are with all of my heart and I’d like to see more of our own tell our stories and relay our experiences. We are SO BEAUTIFUL.

My people are everything and this publishing revolution is how we are sharing our hearts with each other.


Who is publishing your book and how did that come about?
I’ve published 200 Truths About Love with Pelmo Books. They get it. They get it and they are us & for us and ours.

Lastly, what has been the most difficult truth about love that you’ve come to know?
That people will sample your greatness and not feel any inclination of keeping you kept how you do them but in that lies a great lesson too…If you’re open to see it.



200 Truths About Love retails for R200.00







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