#WNSAwards: “I wanted it to be a never before seen cinematic showcase!” – Rabbie Wrote

You gave us an amazing multimedia experience with your showcase in July 2017. Tell us about what inspired that decision and what you thought of your performance?
As much as everything morphs into a better version of itself with time, so should traditional stage poetry. But what made me decide on a cinematic showcase was because I love movies with a poetic narration and special effects for days.  The digital nature of the era we are in, demands that multimedia be the norm. But this should be used wisely. The last thing you want is for the visuals to overshadow the performance and writing.

I think my performance went as planned, social media was abuzz, even Lebo Mashile tweeted that I killed the show. I can only work more.

A show like that relies quite heavily on everything going as planned, without any technical difficulties and meticulous timing. What does it take to pull off a show like that, how did you prepare for it?
Timing can not be emphasised enough, there isn’t room to miss one line. The only thing that is required is the best version of yourself, your Ultimate Form, to put together and execute with precise timing a multimedia showcase through theatrical cues.

I wrote a script and narration, went on locations where I directed the mini film shoots. Edited and post produced the film, except for one video for the poem Nova, which Lungelo Msibi did. I special effected the hell out of those visuals. I wanted the audience to experience a never before seen cinematic showcase. Sort of like watching a movie with live poetry as narration. Then I rehearsed for a solid month. It was the bare minimum to have every single word from all poems on point at all times because timing is of most importance.

How is Magnum Opus doing? What have been some of the highs and lows of the journey been?
Opus is transforming! We will now be working with a live band, a visual artist and looking into collaborating with a female vocalist/poet.

Some of the highs include the expansion of the ensemble. Some lows include a three month disruption when Thobani was in Cape Town for a few months. This put strain on the creative process. But Sibusiso Ndebele and I, with the band, held the collective together.

Do you have anything lined up for 2018?
This year I will be working on activations for The Black Consciousness Reader, a book I co-authored. Magnum Opus and the band will be headlining these activations. We are also looking at monetising our debut EP Kwasukasukela. We are working on recording, remastering it with the live band, packaging, physical and online sales.

Rabbie needs your votes to take home the Best Showcase award. You can vote once every hour. Voting closes on Wed 31 Jan at 20:00.

Join us as we honour the excellence in our craft with the Word N Sound Awards on Saturday 3 Feb. Get all the event details here.

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