#WNSAwards: “I’m a full time poet…and it’s working!” – Kwazi Ndlangisa

You recently put a post that made us smile, doing poetry for a living is really working out for you. What’s your secret to making it work?
My show, (Tea Time Poetry with Kwazi Ndlangisa) has helped me a lot in become a brand, I had to develop the way I write, the way I perform, the way I look when I’m on stage, the way I advertise my product and the different artists I collaborate with.  All that made me a unique product in the poetry market. Also inviting business people and government department officials (especially the Dep. Of Arts and Culture) to my show that toured 3 cities in KZN in both 2016 & 2017 helped in getting me noticed. Now these are the people who now fund some of my shows and these are the people who book me for various events.

You added the Word N Sound stage as one of your performance highlights, what do you love about the WNS audience and our stage?
The Word N Sound audience understands poetry and they respond very well to the energies you share with them. If they love you, they’ll show it and also if they don’t…eish…they’ll show it too lol! I just love how they honour their feelings.

The WNS stage gives an artist that ambiance, you know! That aura ethi, “we are here for your work”, the stage setting and the lighting always make me feel like, “yeah! let’s do this!”

Has becoming a father changed you as a writer in any way? And how has the journey been so far?
YES! It has changed me a lot, my writing is now more attached to present feelings, it has become more fragile than before. The day I knew that I had created an entire human-being is the day I knew that I’ll have to go all out and work extra hard and through the amazing support I received from my wife, Luleka Mhlanzi (who is also a well-recognised poet in KZN) I’ve been able to make my dream of becoming a fulltime poet possible.

What’s on your to do list or even your wish list for 2018?
I want to market my DVD and present Tea Time Poetry Shows in work places during the actual Teatime as a way of getting poetry to people who might be the willing buyers…yet

Secondly, I want produce a Nguni Folk Jazz with Poetry album (later this year or early 2019).

Lastly, I plan to invest more time in growing my company, Pot Of Art and produce at least 3 highly notable events; (as I pray that someone anointed by God reads this and funds at least one or two of our projects). 🙂

Kwazi needs your votes to take home the Best Showcase award. You can vote once every hour. Voting closes on Wed 31 Jan at 20:00.

Join us as we honour the excellence in our craft with the Word N Sound Awards on Saturday 3 Feb. Get all the event details here.

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