#WNSAwards: “On Stillness was a kind of meditation for me & the audience” – Thobani Mntambo

Your ‘On Stillness’ performance was really interesting. Tell us about the concept behind it?
The concept is based on a period of life that was challenging. It was a period where my reality and my desired reality were two different things, and to get to my desired reality I had to make decisions that meant huge risk, lifestyle adjustments and enormous uncertainty. So it was willingly initiating a process where I will see flames and the fear that came with it was unreal. And so the concept was birthed.

The Loose Cannons, who also performed the first piece with me, were instrumental in this period of my life as the theme was stillness. Trusting that the entire universe is conspiring for us to win, that it is on our side. That amidst the confusion, fears and transgression; stillness and obedience must be the mantra.

And so I took to the stage, literally standing still for the whole duration of the showcase. With one instrumental on loop symbolising the unchanging monotone season, and the inner-workings through the poems.

It was a meditation of sorts; designed to entrench faith and hope so deep inside, that the audience walks away with a deep sense of hope and faith in their respective troubling situations.

How has being a part of Magnum Opus changed the approach your poetry?
Working with Magnum Opus has presented the concept of branding and the narrative we would like to perpetuate through our work. This is helping in terms of curating my thoughts and content in my capacity as an individual as well.

I think the collaboration has opened my eyes to a more purposeful approach with regards to writing and what it is that I am actually saying with the brand Thobani Mntambo and what it is we are saying with the brand Magnum Opus.

You’ve spent the last few months in Cape Town, did you get a chance to check out the poetry scene there, how is it? Are there any poets you are excited by?
Hahaha unfortunately I did not, so I do not have anyone to mention*. But word on the street is that WNS CPT is a thing soon, or kanjani?

Official response from Word N Sound…

Lastly, what are your plans for 2018? Are you working on anything exciting?
2018 for me is not a big year in terms of productions or product or anything of that nature. I just need discipline and consistency. I need to focus on the basics and ensure I do them really, really well.

Working at the craft of writing on a broader scale than just poetry. It is strategic warfare at the moment and I just need to stay low and grind. And maybe we may birth some magic for the future.

Thobani needs your votes to take home the Best Showcase award. You can vote once every hour. Voting closes on Wed 31 Jan at 20:00.

Join us as we honour the excellence in our craft with the Word N Sound Awards on Saturday 3 Feb. Get all the event details here.

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