Wazi M Kunene & her isibaya of mirrors

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Wazi M Kunene at the Word N Sound Poetry Corner for a preview of her production ‘Bedlam In Bedlam’. We caught up with her for an inside look at her latest work.




Lets begin by getting to know you a little. Who is Wazi Kunene and what journey has brought you to producing ‘Bedlam In Bedlam’, your second body of work?
Wazi is an author and performing poet. The show Bedlam In Bedlam follows my photographic anthology Deluge In Swarga, which is an elucidation of the complex experience of purgatory.

Before we get into your new work, I’m quite intrigued by your previous photography poetry anthology. Please tell us about Deluge In Swarga and what the inspiration behind it was?
I love photography! I have always wanted to merge my love for photography and poetry together but I had to learn so much and strengthen my writing skills before having anything out. I am a Pisces so I’m very connected to water. I wanted to tell a story of losing control, of not having shit together, of trying to find myself by accepting that I am my makers. So Deluge In Swarga, meaning there is a flood in the heaven where the god of water rules. This is us, battling in our own worlds.


So what is Bedlam In Bedlam all about and what are you hoping the audience will take from it?
Bedlam In Bedlam is the continuation of the process of divulging from the anthology. It is the showing off of the elusiveness of sanity and composure. Writing is a process of erecting isibaya of mirrors. You are confined in the chaos of the many reflections of yourself and it is wild! Bedlam In Bedlam exposes the craze of seeing yourself. I would like for the audience to go home feeling not alone in the mess. Knowing there is a mess and it is okay.

What does it take to pull off a woman show of this kind?
Oh man, so much work and support yo. Fortunately I have dope friends now (it’s been so dry. Making friends has been hard yo! )But fortunately I have a great team who really got my back. That is very encouraging and helps make all the other heavy things easier to carry. Having a show requires so much…organising, content, booking venues, marketing, fixing a band, rehearsing, the whole vibe. It’s a lot of work but work that needs to be done.



A good friend of yours, Nomashenge Dlamini, recently put on her beautiful one woman show. Having been close to her in that process, what have you learnt from her experience and her show?
Dlamini is amazing! My friend is glorious and we feed off our beautiful energies so godly. You learn from Dlamini that we are humans, that there is beauty and a deep connection we gain with ourselves from accepting our shadows. She is a kick ass woman and friend, doing life and that is always beautiful to see and experience.


And if someone asked you why ‘Bedlam In Bedlam’ was a show not to be missed, what would you say?
Bedlam In Bedlam is going to be an erection of isibaya of mirrors. Be brave, come see yourself.




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