I feel like I was an Alchemist or philosopher then re-incarnated as Linda Masilela


NAME: Linda Masilela

Chilling right at the top of our Mid-season #PoetryLeague, is Linda Masilela. Here’s a little more about him and his work.

Linda Masilela.jpg

About Linda
Linda Masilela is a medical student that writes poetry every now and then. He has performed in stages such as the Joburg Theatre, Market Theatre, Wits Great hall, State Theatre and ZK Mathews Hall in UNISA. He believes that through words, people can find healing. His work has been published on Poetry Potion and he is a graduate of the Current State Of Poetry.

KG: What’s been your proudest moment?
LM: My proudest moment is when I performed a depression poem in March. That poem broke me and built me at the same time. That poem was from the heart. And it gives me joy to being able to muster enough strength to write and perform a piece that has the potential of destroying me.

KG: What’s been your worst moment and how did you get over it?
LM: My worst moment is when I forgot my lines on stage in February, and had to freestyle half of the poem. It was intense. It was rough. Palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy. I was having my Eminem moment. I choked a bit and told myself that I might as well freestyle because I knew the concept of the poem.

KG: What made you decide to slam?
LM: I know most poets will try and say something deep but to be honest I just wanted a space where I can grow. And I also slam for frivolous reasons. My Saturdays are empty. So I just slammed. And it feels great to just stand in front of people and rant in a creative way. I’m more of poetry fan than a poet. I go insane when someone kills it on stage. And most often, this motivates me to always come back and perform.

KG: Whose been your top 3 poets other than yourself?
LM: This one is hard. I can mention more than five poets that have been killing it. Damn! This includes Mjele, Soetry, Clear, Masai, Sabelo, and Innocent Soul. It’s been a great season. People are burying us.

KG: How would you describe yourself? Start your answer with “one day, one day…”
LM: One, one day I am a young dude (not too young) that has a greater purpose and actively striving to be better. I also write stuff that turn out to be poems. I believe that healing can be found in hospital wards or poetry shows.

KG: You once tweeted:
“I feel like I was an Alchemist or philosopher then re-incarnated as Linda Masilela. How Sway?”
Is this an important aspect of your writing?
LM: Damn. This is deep. I believe in creating. I’ve always loved coming up with new things. For some strange reason, I feel like if I was born before the 1600s, I was probably gonna take alchemy or philosophy as a profession. Or maybe do both. This is from a sheer love for creating and words.
This is an important part of my writing. It stems from the love of mixing different substances (like words) and coming up with one idea that encompasses the feeling I have at that time. It also follows the type of the knowledge that I have.

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