“Lyrics, should be beautiful, real, honest, regardless of their mood.”- Sió

We’re really looking forward to hosting Sió, a storyteller, who uses music, poetry, theatre, design and interpretation to tell her stories, at our next Poetry League show.

How did the marriage of music, theatre, poetry and storytelling come about?
I found, as many before me, that music has no language, but lends itself to many. I can sing but didn’t think much of my voice. I found that a lot of the songs around me sounded very similar, and their stories were almost cyclic and sung by different people, so I made a pledge to myself to tell stories that are not written in a way that I have heard told, crafted, before, and hopefully those who hear my stories can find and lock into a different view on stories they’ve heard before.

You call yourself a ‘lyrical snob’, what does this mean and can you name a few artists who approach their song writing in the same way.
If a song has words, they need to divine thought, inspire, cause one to emote and connect. They need to be cool, have a sense of a journey and close. Lyrics, should be beautiful, real and honest, regardless of their colour or mood. So I can’t write anything I don’t find beautiful.

These are some people I consider Lyricists:

  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Sjava
  • Yugen Blakrock
  • Sia Fuller
  • Adele
  • Florence Welsh
  • Ah Yugen Blakrock is amazing. She was part of the #DExZA project that took place in Berlin and Johannesburg in 2016.

    One of your aspirations is to tour a full-length jazz album. If you could build the perfect 5-piece ensemble, who would you call to join you on tour?
    Dream Band – Miles Davis and his band Once!!! YOH!!! Swoon!

    The list of artists you have performed with is INSANE; Julian Gomes, Sheree Hicks, KidFonique, to name a few…what have been your absolute favourite collaboration and what made it stand out?
    Thank you 🙂

    The collaboration with Jullian Gomes is definitely a high light. Others include, Magic Number, Luka, Daev Martian. There’s an almost mystical CLICK I’ve had with all the guys above and it’s EASY to make music with them. I don’t have to wrack my brain, there’s an easy chilled flow when we work together.

    Some of the Word N Sound fam have never seen you perform (we are happy to be changing this real soon). What can audiences expect from your performances? What have you got in store for us?
    I’ve unplugged from the electronic and house space. I am going to share a few songs you might have heard with an acoustic twist.

    We can’t wait. Be sure not to miss Sió on Saturday 2 June at the Market Theatre Lab

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